BigRedSky Software Requirements Notice - Public Access

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Description This document outlines the technical requirements for end user clients to use the Western Australian Government instance of BigRedSky's Product range.

Who should read this ? Any user that requires access to the public side of the Western Australian Government's web site

Affected URL(S)
Impacts Failure to meet and /or exceed the requirements list of this document may result in incorrect and/or disruptive operations of this web site

Requirements List

PC Requirements
  • Connection to the internet
  • Operating systems: WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8, Mac OS 9, Max OSX, RedHatOS
  • Screen Resolution: 800x600 minimum
Browser Compliancy
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer IE6+ browsers
  • Mozilla Firefox 9+ browsers
  • Apple Safari (Version 5+ Recommended)
  • Google Chrome browsers
If you don't have the appropriate version of your preferred web browser, you can download it for free by selecting the logo below.

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Advanced User Notes
Browser Requirements

Default browser settings are ideal, however if this is not possible the following is required as a minimum
  • Set you browser to accept cookies. Please note: In some cases, third party cookies may need to be manually enabled.
  • Enable JavaScript within your browser
  • Set your browser to allow session variables
FireWall Requirements
  • TCP/IP network/internet connectivity
  • Port 80 httpd
  • Port 443 SSL
  • Upload of attachments
  • Download of attachments